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We are Hawkchain

The Bank for the
New Economy

Hawkchain is a secured and licensed ecosystem providing a seamless, secure and easy-to-use bridge between digital and traditional assets. Secure, Trade and Manage your cryptocurrencies and digital assets all in one place.

The perfect symbiosis of Technology, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency banking

We at Hawkchain pursue the mission of redefining finance for the new economy by building a pioneering technological bridge between the digital and traditional asset worlds.

What we do

Next-gen vision


Digital Banking

Securing your major crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum along with all other cryptocurrencies with low ….


Cryptocurrency Trading

The home of digital asset trading. Hawkchain uses advanced charting functionality that allows our in-house….


ICO Investments

One of our aims is to identify new worthy and beneficial cryptocurrencies and invest in them during their Initial ….


Network Marketing

We provide one of the best network marketing compensation plans that helps all our users to build their team and grow….


Happy investors


Exchange Tie-ups


Contracts made


Bitcoin secured

Alex J. Michael


If you put in great effort and work diligently, Hawkchain will change your life and will fulfill all your dreams. It will nourish your skills and lead you to success. I am happy as it gave me a quick boost. Keep it going team.

Sharon F. Ryder


Hawkchain gave me a very comprehensive view of my investments. It also provided me with a fantastic picture of what income I would have on my retirement. Really appreciate the efforts of the whole team helping us grow exponentially.

Anastasia (Tazia)


I have invested in this platform and received my first payment the very next day. Hawkchain is really helping me and my team in terms of savings while earning. Kudos to the whole team.

Anas Jameel

Oil Merchant

Very strong initiative. Honest, professional, and very punctual with payments. They regularly provide updates and have always been available to answer any questions. A big thank you to Hawkchain and team.

Stephen (Stevie)

Medical Student

I started with package 2 and I am very grateful to Hawkchain, I can earn a steady profit every day. I can get payment instantly, I can use it to pay for my doctoral tuition.


Our Roadmap

March 2018 - Analysis and project budgeting started by Mr. Andrew Dwight and co-partners

May 2018 - Conceptual design for Hawkchain

August 2018 - Front-end development of Corporate Identity

August 2018 - Internal Investment and collaboration with private stakeholders

December 2018 - Banking and Money Management Strategies

February 2019 - Crypto Banking Concept Introduced

April 2019 - Design of premium plans and contract tenures

June 2019 - Marketing banking concept globally and plan publications

July 2019 - Signing a contract with local cryptocurrency exchange

September 2019 - Expanding team with professional investment bankers

November 2019 - Mr. Andrew Dwight introduced Miss. Olivia Bardot as the CEO

January 2020 - Signing contract with more cryptocurrency exchanges

March 2020 - Total amount in BTC secured 500+

July 2020 - Introducing Machine learning technology in Hawkchain

September 2020 - Hackathon for development of Machine Learning Technology

December 2020 - Introduction of MLM concept with Hawkchain

January 2021 - Introducing and implementing cryptocurrency trading

February 2021 - Test transitions with AI automated trading technology

March 2021 - Total amount in BTC secured 1800+ and exchange tie-ups 40+

April 2021 - Development for investment packages for global investors

May 2021 - MLM concept with digital banking started with local pre-investors

June 2021 - Obtain necessary licence and incorporation certificates for global MLM operations

October 2021 - Additional update and stress-testing of the platform

December 2021 - Obtaining incorporation certificate from Nigeria

February 2022 - Total BTC secured 3000+ and exchange tie-ups 50+

March 2022 - Beta testing and evaluation of software

April 2022 - Hawkchain Global Launch

August 2022 - Inspection and additional upgradation of Hawkchain security protocols

December 2022 - Launching of mobile application

March 2023 - H-Coin Introduction

May 2023 - H-Coin lightpaper launch

June 2023 - H-Coin whitepaper launch

July 2023  - H-Coin pre-sale for Hawkchain members

August 2023  - Target amount in BTC to secure 10000+ and exchange tie-ups 100+

November 2023 - H-Coin ICO for global members

December 2023  - Milestone of userbase to more than 5,000,000.

April 2024 - H-Coin to be listed on Binance and few other major exchanges

June 2024 – Auditing and regulatory reporting of accountancy

September 2024 – Forecasting, risk management and profitability of margin analysis

December 2024 – Inspection and additional upgradation for Hawkchain Security Protocols

February 2025 – Expansion and acquisitions with 3rd party vendors

May 2025 – Global events and additional offices in top 5 countries

July 2025 – Adding more trending application software for profit generation

August 2025 – Planning and implementing business strategy for next five years


Meet Our Team

Our youth is only an indication of our drive. We are an exceptionally talented team of digital finance initiatives.

Crypto Banking


Crypto Trading