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Chief Marketing Officer

Camila Hazel

With a career spanning multiple industries and sectors, from being in the marketing of The Wall Street Journal to the TD Ameritrade, Miss. Camila Hazel brings a unique perspective to her roles as Hawkchain’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).
As CMO, she helps ensure that the brand reflects the firm’s core values of leading with integrity and exceptional ideas across its businesses and geographies. Camila oversees the firm’s efforts to promote global sustainability through capital markets. Camila’s leadership focuses on how the firm’s approaches to investment advice and access to capital for international marketing help promote positive change.
Miss. Hazel’s experiences make her a respected thought leader in harnessing finance to address community concerns and global challenges. Prior to joining Hawkchain, she held Marketing Manager positions in TD Ameritrade. Camila is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School. She also served on the boards of several national nonprofits focused on sustainability, community development, and social justice.
After completing inbound and outbound marketing courses she landed as a very versatile asset at Hawkchain. She is behind setting marketing goals and objectives while also planning, implementing, and managing marketing strategies. Miss. Camila Hazel is a huge contribution to the overall growth of the company. She also reviews and manages content marketing strategies. Miss Hazel works closely with sales and development and customer success teams.

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