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Digital Banking - Digital banking for the digital economy

Securing your major crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum along with all other cryptocurrencies with low monthly premiums.Hawkchain is the perfect symbiosis of Technology, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Banking. We at Hawkchain pursue the mission of redefining finance for the new economy by building a pioneering technological bridge between the digital and traditional asset worlds.

Hawkchain is registered and incorporated across 3 major countries as a digital banking platform. We are able to close an important gap between the new digital economy and traditional banking. We believe that the proliferation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is leading to the formation of new markets and innovative ways of creating value. Therefore, we combine technological advances with the proven elements of cryptocurrency banking using geographically separated Non-Custodial crypto wallets.

Complete customisation

Hawkchain enables professional individuals and companies as well as institutional clients to invest, safely keep, trade and borrow against digital and traditional assets, all in one place.

Crypto Banking


Plan Flexibility


If you are a cryptocurrency exchange or a blockchain company then you can get in touch with our relationship manager to get a customised plan with a desired tenure at a very low monthly premium. If you are an investor then you can choose from our 5 different classes of packages.

  • Boundaryless International Service with more than 35,000 active investors.
  • Multiple Payment Partners for flexible deposits and withdrawals.
  • Trusted and regulated from 3 different countries and lined-up with incorporation from several more countries.
  • Hackchain has successfully secured more than 1800 BTC for multiple exchanges and investors.
  • Securing digital assets for more than 40 cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain companies.

Regulation is crucial for the protection of investors – the idea of an integrated and supervised bank with focus on digital assets arose from the growing demand for investment alternatives and the increasing affinity for technology and process engineering.