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ICO Investments - Investing in enriching Initial Coin Offerings

One of our aims is to identify new worthy and beneficial cryptocurrencies and invest in them during their Initial Coin Offering period. Tying-up with various cryptocurrency exchanges gives us the benefits of investing in newly introduced coins.

Thanks to our Mr. Sebastian Corbyn (CIO) and his dedicated team who are responsible for the research and analysis of token’s whitepapers to determine its future growth at a certain point of time. Hawkchain invests only in coins or tokens that have some utility in using the product or service a particular company is offering.

Verified ICOs

We at Hawkchain use a popular fundraising method used primarily by startups wishing to offer products and services, only related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Private ICOs


Public ICOs


ICOs have made many investors into millionaires. In 2017, there were 435 successful ICOs, each raising an average of $12.7 million. So, the total amount raised for 2017 was $5.6 billion, with the 10 largest projects raising 25% of this total. Furthermore, tokens purchased in ICOs returned an average of 12.8 times on the initial investment in dollar terms. Therefore, we at Hawkchain also invest sliced parts from company reserves so as to get the maximum profits to distribute to our investors.

  • Conventional research and analysis of a particular ICO’s whitepaper.
  • Hawkchain invests only on ICOs that have utility for a software service or product offered.
  • Opportunity to yield massive returns for Hawkchain investors.
  • Invested ICO coins are stored in Hawkchain’s cold wallet for more security.
  • Hawkchain’s ERC20 compatible cold wallets allows ICO companies to store their token securely.

One of the Hawkchain investments was during an ICO of a coin called Dragon Coin whose one-month fundraising was $320 Million that ended in March 2018. Behind the scenes, Hawkchain team is also focusing on Reverse ICOs. A reverse initial coin offering is a method used by existing, established real-world businesses to issue a token to decentralize its ecosystem, raise funds, and get into cryptocurrency.