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Chief Technical Officer

Tracey Adams

Miss. Tracey Adams got her start in the computing industry at the age of fourteen when she started an internship at a local computer security company. Over the years, she taught herself programming and was eventually awarded a full scholarship to Frank Field University, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. After working as a software engineer for four years she pursued a dual-degree MBA + M.Tech from Trinity University, Dublin so that she can begin to take on more managerial responsibilities.
In collaboration with business and technology leaders across the company, Miss. Tracey Adams, explores emerging technologies, assesses their impact on the company’s business, prototypes and evaluates new concepts, and recommends new strategies and solutions. Tracey is also responsible for the company’s industry standards engagements, Forex Broker collaborations and technical community programs.
Tracey has held appointments as a guest professor at Wuhan University’s College of Computer Science. She is admired and respected for helping to shape Digital Transformation Initiatives, surpassing new feature capabilities within emerging technologies, and eclipsing revenue projections within enterprise software systems especially in Forex and cryptocurrency market. Miss. Tracey Adams is a trusted and seasoned business and technical leader that works within executive management teams to help grow financial businesses above Board expectations.
As the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Hawkchain, Tracey serves as a high-impact executive. She helps to shape trading strategies depending on market direction, and regularly evangelizes solutions and roadmaps as one of Hawkchain’s thought-leading financial experts. Her role helps to support strategic trading algorithms with the help of bots and provide deep industry knowledge on market-leading solutions.

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