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Network Marketing - with best compensation plan in current market

We provide one of the best network marketing compensation plans that helps all our users to build their team and grow their finances quickly. In May 2021, we introduced a network marketing concept to local investors with affordable packages.

The concept of Network marketing is successfully creating a win-win between Hawkchain and it’s investors. We provide very attractive cashback and lucrative compensation plans for our users who are promoting and growing our company among their network.

Best Compensation Plan

We at Hawkchain follow basic MLM referral and binary plan that is the most appreciated growth method among various investors and network marketers.

Daily Fixed Profits


Flexible Withdrawals


We have combined all our services in such a way that we are also able to provide daily returns from 1% to 2% for our customers who are storing their cryptocurrency assets with our digital banking service.

  • Hawkchain provides instant 10% as referral commission.
  • Benefits of earning flat 10% as binary commission from your weaker side.
  • Earn guaranteed 10% to 50% cashback on tenure end i.e 120 days.
  • No monthly premium fees for users who are storing their crypto assets till Platinum Package level.
  • The profits are accumulated in your backoffice wallet everyday till your tenure period of 120 days.

Hawkchain is taking a leap towards the innovative Digital Future.The main mission of Hawkchain is to provide its users with the most secure way of storing digital assets such as bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies along with effective ways to receive daily income varying between 1% to 2% depending on the amount of their digital assets they are storing with Hawkchain.