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Chief Executive Officer

Olivia Bardot

Results-driven chief executive officer Miss. Olivia Bardot has over 4 years of experience leading and increasing growth in small and medium businesses. Miss. Olivia Bardot has effectively managed a team of over 70 employees in 12 locations in 3 countries. She is well versed in executive leadership, company training, and public relations with media.
Olivia commenced her management career as a consultant for IG Forex where she conducted in-country research analysis and recommended and instituted program reporting improvements. Prior to joining Hawkchain Miss. Olivia Bardot has spent a year with Verizon Business where she quickly advanced through increasingly challenging roles in project/program management, and outsourcing services. Earlier in the company, she developed intensive, ambitious business strategies, short-term goals, and long-term objectives. She has been a spearheaded overhaul of various underperforming departments to reduce stagnation and increase growth and productivity. Olivia has a strong ability to solve complex company problems using excellent judgment and decision-making skills.
She holds an MBA / Master of Business Administration (International Management) from The New York Institute of Technology School of Management, New York, NY.
Miss. Olivia Bardot joined Hawkchain in late 2019 seeking to lead and grow alongside Mr. Abner Atkinson.

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