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Chief Information Officer

Sebastian Corbyn

As a proven leader in information technology with over 10 years of experience in the field, Mr. Sebastian Corbyn has been helping companies grow their various capabilities with keen insight and creative ideas.
He is currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Hawkchain and is responsible for overseeing new expansions into financial markets as well as assessing internal information and technology capabilities. He then assesses these initiatives in the scope of company growth and funding status in order to derive the most relevant in-company projects for completion. He has helped operations at Coinsilium more streamlined and through information technology innovation and transition.
Before joining Hawkchain, Mr. Sebastian Corbyn has advised various multinational financial technology companies and boards on large-scale, mission-critical projects. He has assisted small and large companies with developing risk assessment methodologies and business development strategies and helped refine sales and investment pitch briefings for forex and cryptocurrency business start-ups.
As a Chief Information Officer at Hawkchain, Mr. Sebastian Corbyn is responsible for selecting and implementing suitable technology to streamline all internal operations and help optimize their strategic benefits for all investors. He also manages and approves purchases of technological equipment, software, bots and establishes partnerships with Forex brokers.
Sebastian oversees and monitors changes or advancements in technology to discover ways the company can gain a competitive advantage. He also coordinates with Mr. Lucas Bailey (CTO) in designing and customizing the technological systems of Hawkchain as a whole to improve customer experience.

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