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About Hawkchain

The modern way to grow your finances securely

Digital Banking

Securing your major crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum along with all other cryptocurrencies with low....

Cryptocurrency Trading

The home of digital asset trading. Hawkchain uses advanced charting functionality that allows our in-house….

ICO Investments

One of our aims is to identify new worthy and beneficial cryptocurrencies and invest in them during their Initial ….

Network Marketing

We provide one of the best network marketing compensation plans that helps all our users to build their team and grow….

A new revolution

Join us as we redefine finance.

The achievement of our mission requires motivated, energetic, agile and passionate professionals to join our growing team.

Versatile Client Base

Who is Hawkchain for?

Professional Investors and Family Offices wanting to invest in new asset classes in a trusted set-up and get access to specialised investment strategies along with daily returns and rewards on capital investment amount.

Asset Managers intending to access new investment possibilities – through regulated, safe and vertically integrated services including storage, trading and asset management.

Banks that are interested in meeting their customers' growing demand for digital assets in a secure framework and accessing opportunities to participate in the new digital financial economy.

Blockchain companies and cryptocurrency exchanges that are aiming to hold and manage crypto currencies in the most secured soft and hard wallets, all at one place.